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The first in the world
'horizontal-axis' circulation convection heat

Since its establishment in 2006, Blue Energy has perfectly solved the temperature deviation between the floor and ceiling in spaces, a problem which remained unsolvable in the field of energy utilization. With our own technology of direct heating, we have realized the world’s first ‘horizontal-axis circulation convection heating’, 5th-generation heating that makes the ascending heat have circulate by itself.

The temperature is the same everywhere in the greenhouse

Blue Energy heats the entire indoor space at the same time without any forcible convector by eliminating the heat storage process and integrating the removal and air-conditioning. Therefore, it has become possible to manage the temperature everywhere(Ceiling & Floor & Center & Space Edge) in the greenhouse space without variation. In particular, by realizing the no-wind heating without the forcible convector, the indoor humidity is maintained at 80% automatically even at night. Thus, there are no concerns about dew condensation and a dehumidification device is not required. The cost of energy is only half that of conventional products. Compared with the geothermal heat pump, energy-savings are more than 15%.

Our product helps crops grow at the same time so that the height is uniform and the optimal humidity maintained, reducing any concerns about damage by disease and, as a result, having prepared for the foundation of eco-friendly cultivation. As a natural consequence, production increases dramatically and product quality becomes excellent, together with the dramatic reduction in fuel costs.

The only company in the world to have total solutions required by greenhouse heating

Blue Energy is also the only company in the world that possesses a total solution required for the heating of greenhouses. We produce all direct heating pipes for space heating, three-lined heating wire for heating the root and stem zones, and submerged water tank heater for watering temperature control.

Our customers’ farming determines the very existence of our company

The direct heating system is the fruit of ceaseless research and technology development aimed at innovation and excellence. Blue Energy will keep on striving to provide the best technology and service without forgetting the quite natural principle that our customers’ farming determines the very existence of our company.