Blue energy

Direct Heating System

Blue Energy’s Direct
Heating System

(Whirl Convection Heating Technology)

Conventional heating system

Problems of Conventional Heating Systems

(a hot-air blower or boiler type)

  • Large indoor temperature deviation
  • Many limitations such as dew condensation, etc.
  • Increase of heating cost due to low energy efficiency
  • Environmental pollution by using fossil fuels
  • Disturbance of healthy crop growth caused by noise, etc.

Blue Energy’s Direct
Heating System
Whirl Convection Heating Technology

Generating equal heating amount at the same time under vacuum, and blocking fire from origin

blue energy

Automatic control
through the control box

Advantages of the Product

  • Generating equal heating amount at the same time under vacuum
  • Blocking fire from origin
  • Needing no air conditioner such as agitator, etc
  • Controlling automatically through the control box
  • Turning on/off power automatically at the control box depending on the set temperature

Natural Circulation Convection Technology

Air flow caused by horizontal-axis whirl convection

Air flow caused by horizontal-axis whirl convection

Advantages of the Technology

We have realized no-wind space heating without any air-conditioning equipment by eliminating the heat storage process and integrating removal and air-conditioning. Even by optimizing the humidity, we have solved due condensation, which is an endemic problem of vinyl greenhouse, from origin.

Why the Whirl Convection Heating Technology?

  • Temperature is controlled within a deviation of 0℃.
  • Indoor humidity is maintained at about 70%, even at night
  • Fuel costs are drastically reduced by 50%.
  • As crops' growing speed is constant, the height is uniform
  • Concerns about damage are significantly reduced
  • The system is customized depending on the scale or direction of the vinyl greenhouse
  • Snow can be removed freely as well as the root and stem zones are heated
  • The product rate, as well as the output, will be increased significantly.
  • Shipping date and growth speed can be controlled
  • Your income will increase due to the reduced fuel cost.
  • Separate installation space is not needed
  • There is no air-conditioning facility, such as agitator or duct.
  • There is no noise, wind or air pollution