Blue energy

About the Product

that ‘warmed severe winter of Pyeongchang’

Installation in the Pyeongchang Olympic Alpine Ski Resort

Advantages of Tashimi

  • Convenience

  • Safety

- Touching the bottom of the water tank and always being submersible in the remaining water, it blocks fire from origin.

- The height of heat wire is only 4.4mm.

- Made of heat-resistant silicone material, it can be used semi-permanently without worrying about corrosion


  • Maintaining

  • water tank

  • land-based aquaculture tank

Especially in a vinyl greenhouse, this product helps crops smoothly absorb nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium as well as promotes growth by supplying water at a temperature suitable for the crops, thereby increasing production volume and merchantability.

Tashimi is a product confirmed with NET technology application.

It has obtained three kinds of CE Certification, including hazardous compounds safety test, electromagnetic wave safety test, and electrical safety test.

Item Contents
Standard (mm) 70×310×310
Materials KP4
Heating wire 12m high heat (heat resistance up to 300℃) silicon sheath
Power consumption 2.2kW
Minimum heating capacity 0.5℃/h (by 3-ton water tank)
Temperature control Underwater temperature sensor, overheat sensor
Key features Corrosion resistance (silicon and plastic)